Aston Martin Lagonda Rapide



31st October 2013, being offered through Classic Mobilia


LR133, auto box, 4,2 litre engine and much work done, ca. £200-220,000


8th March 2014 RM auctions, Paris France   

LR128 a left hand drive 1963 car with manual box, sold for £168,000, new owner in Switzerland.


17th May 2014 Bonhams AML sale

LR155 a virtually one owner 1964 car with a great deal of originality sold for £125,000

The last Rapide built in Goodwood Green, with nicely rebuilt engine.  Let down by originality, needed the leather interuior reviving, all carpets replacing and wood-work repairs and refinishing and engine bay detailing.  the new owner in my opinion got a bargain, lovely car to drive around side of AML at Newport Pagnell.  Sold to owner in Singapore.


LR108 a manual 1962 car with a lot of history and nut and bolt rebuild sold for £175,100, sold to UK owner

A nut and bolt restoration of this rare early manual car in snow shadow gray, an outstanding job by the previous owner.


4th September 2014 SilverStone Auctions

LR125 now for sale with an estimate of £100-125,000

The car now equipped with SU Carburettors, interior re-trimmed (colour changed from white gold colour - great shame to black); typical problems with electric windows; paintwork needing some work, carpets need replacement, seems to have lost its Motorola radio


24th September 2014 Brightwells Auction

LR153, 4-speed auto box, late 1963 car, and full restoration including engine and bare-metal respray, The car looks splendid and is a fitting testimony to the love and money spent by the current owner, out of the current crop of Rapide's available this is the one to buy,  est. £150-160,000


February 2015

LR133, Sold for very close to the asking price


26th June 2015, being offered through a well known Dutch dealer

LR110, lhd dcar, recently back from Australia, full resto in the 1990's, unusual bonnet scoops, with considerable work done, ca. £220 -240,000


28th September 2015, being offered privately in Ireland

LR112, offered in barn find condition   from long term owner, who has kept it in his barn, for £95,000



24th May 2016 being offered through Nicholas Mee

LR134,this car had a full resto i, so should be pretty impressive, £225,000