Aston Martin Lagonda Rapide


Extracts from the original Rapide Brochure

'It has long been my ambition to produce a car which would be equally suitable to drive or to be driven in, great comfort, large luggage carrying capacity yet still be exhilarating to the owner driver and capable of effortless sustained high performance. There is such similarity between modern cars that one is fearful of the day when all will look, and be, alike.


Motorists to whom a car is just a means of transport have many from which to choose. This new Lagonda will appeal to those who prefer a car of outstanding merit, possessing the thoroughbred characteristics and distinctive appearance of a high caliber British car.


The new Lagonda is the result of three years’ extensive development by my design and craftsmen. When the project was promoted, no one concerned had any wish to make just another very good motor car or even one with superiority on individual features to anything we had yet produced. We wished rather to create something which should, from the outset, invade the future audaciously and set such an advanced standard of mechanical perfection, beauty of form and all-round performance, that no other car would compare with it. Had the car now offered fallen short of this concept, its introduction would have been further delayed.'



'One of the most mechanically advanced cars available today. Many years of practical experience combined with advanced theory in engine and chassis design have been translated into highly successful practice.


The resplendent interior is luxuriously upholstered in the finest English hide throughout, and fitted with the highest quality Wilton carpet. The instruments and controls are neatly grouped before the driver. Radio with electrically operated aerial; speakers front and rear. Heaters front and rear, with demister back light. All doors open to nearly 90" and have electrically controlled windows. The two front doors have Yale locks.'